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  1. The problem with racists

The problem with racists

Is that when one shows up
You must wind back your motor-
Pull the throttle back to neutral
All that horsepower left idling
As the moron speaks.

One cannot engage one’s true capacity
One cannot let the motor run,
wind streaming through your hair as you rise swiftly through the gears of debate and conversation

Instead you are forced to speak
as though with a child.
“I don’t care if you only want to wear your red shorts today, honey”
“It really doesn’t matter. They are still shorts, and we are late for kindy.”

But perhaps the worst past of being on the planet with a racist
Is when your rich, cognitive, sexy brain can’t take it anymore…
And engages in debate for the mere sake of stretching its legs.

Quickly you rev the engine, climb a few gears.
At once the delight of intellectual stretching is stopped!
Like a S L A P from an electric fence,
That you feel in your bones and heart simultaneously.

And with a sinking disappointment your remember
Your companion is a blind, ignorant, pink baby mouse.

In frustration you throw arms to the sky
Willing an eagle to spy this creature
Who gives nothing back to the planet, save painful little shrieks of hysteria

And yet no hungry eagle comes.

Was the racist sent to our planet to test the good ones?

This I tell myself, to protect my sanity.